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10 Months ago Be Ready took a memorable trip to Mexico with Surfty.

SURFTY from Kavin Lindgren on Vimeo.

10 months ago two friends Lance Rondo and Kyle Roberts decided to start a company called SURFTY.  Both passionate about serving the community, surfing and giving back to those who were less fortunate, they embarked on a journey to explore another part of the world close to home.  We met up with a good friend Kavin Lindgren and professional filmer who joined us on our trip to Mexio.  We left at 5am from Carlsbad and when we crossed the border we got lost?!  Think the fwys were shut down but it made for an interesting start to our trip!  It took us about 20mins just to get to the coast and I know Lance was sweatin bullets.  He had us driving around in the "sketchies" parts of Tijuana but lucky for us we had 3 gringo's in the car that spoke spanish for serving missions.  5 hours later showed up to a remote village with probably an estimate of 100 people.  They had 3 schools and a "Hospital" the size of a 10x10 tent.  It was very humbling and really gave me perspective. 

In collaboration with Waves for WaterBe Ready INC and Sagan Life LLC donated the AquaPail and the AquaBrick Water Filtration System for the schools for the community we visited.  The children were shy at first and skeptical about drinking the water.  Lance carried out an incredible presentation for the schools about water filtration and how our products worked, in spanish.  We then decided to join the kids at recess for a little game of FUTBOL or soccer!  This was one of the highlights for me on the trip as our team won by 2 or 3 goals?!  We had a little "Messi" on our team who was so gifted with the ball.  I will never forget that day with the teachers and the kids.  But I will never forget the memories and passion shared among friends on this trip to Mexico.  It was so much fun and hope we can do it again.  The smells, lanscape, surf, street taco's, skating on dirt.  Maybe we can organize another trip.  Just the opportunity to affect the lives of the families in the village was worth the trip.  See the faces of the children who we provide clean water for was priceless.

Maybe we can do this again.  Lance?

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