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Be Ready Inc. is a time-tested retailer, manufacturer and distributor of disaster preparedness supplies, including emergency water, water filtration, food storage, water storage, solar lighting and battery packs, water filtration, 72-hour kits, etc. 

We help communities be ready for disasters,
one business, one hospital, one agency, one school, one family, one individual at a time.

Prepared Since 91'

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You can never be to prepared.  We believe that no matter what, water is the most important resource you need to survive!  Especially during a disaster.  We take for granted that water will always be available.  We have made it our mission at Be Ready to help you prepare for the WORST!  Introducing the worlds first 100% Bacteria free emergency drinking water.  

Puravai Water, 6 pack

Pure and Safe

PURAVAI is the purest prepackaged storage water in the emergency preparedness market. When it comes to emergency storage water, even one little bacterium in the water can multiply over time and become billions of bacteria. It's called CFUs (or Colony Forming Units of Bacteria). Tested independently by one of the top labs in the world, our biggest competitor measured in at 3,330 CFUs per mL, yet when PURAVAI was tested by the same lab, the result: ZERO CFUs. That's a HUGE deal because what that means is your PURAVAI water is able to remain safe to drink, even decades later!!

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